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Founded in 1969, legend has it because Curt wasn't allowed into a tavern within 30 miles of Genoa, Hill's Tap remains nearly the same as the day it opened. It's hard to imagine why,  45 years ago, he thought he could provide for a growing family with a shot and a beer saloon, but I think many of us are a bit better off because of it.


To our customers, our friends and our neighbors, we say thank you, it's been a wonderful, if not surreal ride. Many of you have shared a lifetime of memories with us here, and for that we will always be grateful.


We have seen one and other grow, succeed, and even fail, and we've burried many friends along the way.


We offer many thanks to all of you who have been our friends for so long. We're happy to be here when you need a place to duck in from the rain.


When the final last call echos off the nicotine stained walls, we hope you all will have enjoyed the ride as much as we have.

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