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Hill's Tap F.A.Q.

Answers to Questions I Get Asked A Lot


Q: How late are you open?

A: Midnight during the week. 1:00 on the weekends.


Q: Why aren't you open on Sunday?

A: I don't want to work on Sunday.


Q: Doesn't this get old night after night?

A: Do you jump out of bed in the morning and say to

     yourself, "Hell yes, I get to go to work today?"

     Everything gets old. But you gotta do something, and

     selling beer ain't a bad gig.


Q: Do you make a lot of money owning a bar?

A: No. I have a wife with a good job.


Q: Can I really get a drink for two bucks?

A: Yep. As long as you don't ask me to mix you Crown and

     Coke or Absolut and Monster. And for the record, I will

     always refuse, on principle alone,  to mix Crown Royal

     and Coke.


Q: Why so cheap?

A: This place has been paid for since 1972. We make a

     decent living and don't drain  your pockets in 45 minutes.

     People go where people are, and we're happy when you

     choose our bar to kill some time or to get your head

     straight with the world.


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